LETTER: Whalley ‘a great place to live’

I was delighted, but not in the least surprised, to read that Whalley has been included on the recently published Sunday Times “50 best places to live in Britain” list.
Whalley AbbeyWhalley Abbey
Whalley Abbey

The village is the only one in Lancashire to be included on the list and last year made it onto the 101 best places to live list in the same newspaper.

Like many other places in the Ribble Valley, Whalley plays host to excellent local shops and businesses as well as a very strong community spirit. I am sure all of Whalley’s residents would be pleased to read of its inclusion on the list and would be the first to say it is a great place to live.

I look forward to its inclusion on next year’s list, along with several other towns and villages in the Ribble Valley!

Nigel Evans

MP for Ribble Valley