LETTER: Wet sponges ‘prank’ could have proved fatal

WhilE driving through the outskirts of Chatburn towards Sawley on Saturday, September 3rd, at 7-55 p.m., a group of approximately eight youngsters were loitering on the lefthand pavement armed with “missiles”.

The “missiles” turned out to be large sponges saturated with water, as we found out when one was thrown, with some force, at our windscreen from a short distance which resulted momentarily in a loss of vision for the driver.

Had this happened to a less competent driver then one of two things might have occurred – loss of control of the car causing it to mount the pavement on the left hand side of the road or the car veering to the right into the path of incoming traffic.

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The question is: Should police time be used for what is obviously the duty of parents to know where and what their children are doing? If the “prank” had gone horribly wrong, the police could have been knocking at someone’s door regarding serious injury or possibly a fatality!

Watching the riots in Salford on TV a few weeks ago where children of the same age were out on the streets throwing stones or other harmful missiles illustrated how easily these pranks can progress into something more sinister!