LETTER: We want to sing England emblems, not European stars

We all remember the English fervour that swept the country during the recent World Cup and national pride also swells whenever our cricketers or rugby players do the country justice.

But now there are EU moves to stick their stamp – the “ring of stars” – on the jerseys of athletes of member states in major sporting events.

Those behind the European Project slowly but surely continue with their homogenisation agenda and miss no opportunity to bury national identities under the banner of the EU.

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Needless to say, of course, as well as the logo on the jerseys the EU flag must be flown during such games. And, as was revealed earlier this month over European Regional Development Fund grants, swingeing fines get doled out for disobedience.

When I see our boys and girls representing our national honour on sporting pitches of whatever sport, I want to see England emblems and not the “ring of stars”; they are representing our country, not a non-existent United States of Europe.


UKIP North West MEP

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