LETTER: We should treat our war memorials with respect

I HAVE currently served 16 years in the British Army. I have served in most theatres in the world from the Iraq invasion in 2003 to Bosnia, Kosovo and, most recently, the Helmand Province of Afghanistan.

The reasoning for my letter is twofold. I have had reason to park on the former Thompson Centre car park on several visits back to the area recently. I have noticed, with disgust, that the war memorial and garden area seem to be nothing more than a gathering area for people to climb, skateboard, drink around or in general just abuse. Yes, I have had the moral courage to tell this next generation of our society, to get off the statues, sometimes to success other times to abuse.

When did we stop giving a damn about our war dead in Burnley? I pass Colne and various other places on my travels across the country and see people treat their monuments with the solemnity and reverence they deserve, so why do we not care in Burnley?

Second fold to this is the complete lackadaisical, perfunctory and apathetic attitude of our police force. I see them passing by these people without so much as a general chat.

It’s not just this situation I see them performing so weakly in either. Being a member of a police force myself, I understand how hard it can be to have the moral courage to correct people in their actions but as someone once told me many years ago: “you signed on the dotted line and draw the Queen’s shilling” so come on Burnley and everyone who lives in our beautiful town, let’s get a grip before it goes completely down the pan.