LETTER: We need to unite in action to stop new homes

As a resident of Low Moor recently witnessing the clearance of a greenfield site in preparation for the construction of 55 houses, it has become increasingly obvious it is high time the people of the Ribble Valley changed tactics in defence of their communities and way of life.

Without final planning permission the people of Low Moor have been subjected to all kinds of heavy plant material and lorry movement. The very narrow access road is pitted with treacherous holes. Every metal manhole cover has sunk into the tarmac. The road is dangerous. For what? In preparation for 55 houses that will destroy the nature of the village and produce untold traffic problems at rush hour.

Forget the youngsters who play on our streets. Forget the peaceful nature of daily life. Prepare for an assault on all our services-health, education, transport!

Yes, time to change tactics. I would like to suggest to the people of the Ribble Valley that they throw off their civilized chains and plan for direct action. It is impossible to find anyone in favour of the grotesque plans for housing in our community so let’s defend ourselves properly.

First of all, let’s plan to withhold Council Tax from next April. There is already well-organised resistance in the Valley especially in Whalley, so let’s get together, organise, plan and make it clear to the council that next year they will not receive Council Tax. If we are well organised and united they cannot pick off individuals. Unity is strength.

Secondly, let’s think of imaginative ways of resisting the builders. Non-violent direct action, obstructing the roads, blocking access and making it impossible for building to take place. No-one is listening, no-one cares apart from the opportunistic profiteers.

The time for following the rules has passed.


St Paul’s Street,


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Low Moor