LETTER: We need electronic bus timetables

It is obvious from Mr Pendle’s editorial (Diary, August 31st) that he does not travel by bus so does not understand how useful the electronic overhead information displays at Nelson and Burnley bus stations are.

They give a quick guide to when and where a bus will depart to each destination.

The print on the bus timetables is small and at an awkward angle to see, especially in poor light.

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The bus times have changed a great deal over the last few months so the overhead displays are even more important.

Tourism is to be encouraged in Pendle so why can’t we be like Keighley and have good overhead displays to encourage people to use our buses to explore the area?

Many people using public transport have poor eyesight but the overhead displays are much easier to follow than the paper timetables at the stands.

I would recommend increasing the automated signage rather than abandoning it.

In Cheshire, bus stops display the time in minutes when the next bus is due to arrive which is of tremendous help, for there have been many times I have been struggling inside a bus shelter to see a timetable in the dark only for the bus to sail by!