LETTER: We expect a council leader to fight for us

I couldn’t believe what I was reading in the Burnley Express regarding “MP and council leader clash over fund aid.” As a councillor voted in by the people of Burnley, and then voted in by her peers to be the Leader of Burnley Council, I cannot get my head around the fact Julie Cooper is not fighting tooth and nail for any funding that could come Burnley’s way.

Mrs Cooper states Burnley is in a more than healthy position, which is great, but goes on to state there is actually a lot of jealousy aimed towards Burnley from other councils because of all the help we receive. So what? Is Coun. Cooper going to suck up to other councils or fight for Burnley. That’s what the people of Burnley expect an elected person to do.

Mrs Susan Cryer, Rosegrove, Burnley.

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