LETTER: We don’t need new homes in Whalley

Third time lucky? Picture the board meeting as CEG discuss their renewed application to build another 205 houses in Whalley at Lawsonsteads:

“The folk in Lancashire are a bit slow! Let’s promise a school. The suckers fell for it last time at Calderstones. See if it will work again.”

“I agree. If they turn it down, we can offer it as extra ammunition for our pal in Westminster who uses ‘Localism’ to overturn what stubborn councillors decide is best for their locality.”

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Does Whalley need these extra houses? Within a hundred yards of my house, there are four for sale. I tried to determine the number advertised in your pages, and lost count. The best total I could arrive at was “plenty”. And these are the visible part of the iceberg: there are many more in the agents’ lists.

Surely, until the number of houses currently for sale is reduced to below, say, a quarter of the present figure, no application should even be put on the council’s agenda, let alone considered.


Mitton Road,


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