LETTER: We do our level best not to sweep up grit

I’M writing in response to Steven Phipps’ letter last week about gritting. Lancashire County Council looks after gritting while Pendle Council looks after street sweeping.

We work closely with the county council to help them keep key areas as ice-free as possible. During the winter months, we are in regular daily – often hourly – contact and agree sometimes at very short notice where and when gritting is needed in each of our town centres. We will, if necessary, suspend or reorganise our street cleaning, refuse collection and grounds maintenance activities so that we can redeploy our staff to help with this work.

We try to co-ordinate things properly and we do divert our sweeping to areas which are not being gritted. As Mr Phipps points out, it’s common sense and we do our best to avoid sweeping up grit.


Director (Services) and Deputy Chief Executive,

Pendle Council