LETTER: Wayne Rooney saga proves football is all about money these days

HOW nice to see that Wayne Rooney, after a dismal World Cup and only having scored one goal this season, has finally decided where his priorities lie.

He didn’t like the fact Manchester United were signing young players with potential - he wanted them to sign big names.

How nice. Wasn’t he once a youngster with the potential for kicking a football and scoring goals? But he’s signed for another five years - supposedly.

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It had nothing to do with the death threats he had been getting, nor the fact that had he signed for Manchester City, he would have been vilified for eternity and certainly nothing to do with his exorbitant pay rise.

As my husband says, the game’s all about money today.

If I’d have been in charge, I’d have kicked him out of the door and thrown his dummy after him.


Berkeley Street, Nelson