LETTER: Voters may not be so forgiving to Conservative councillors

WhilE the developers and carpetbaggers circle the Ribble Valley – with the scent of money in their nostrils and scant regard for the infrastructure – it is reassuring to learn our much-travelled MP is not just swanning round Westminster in a fancy uniform, wining and dining at the taxpayers’ expense.

No, Mr Hind informs us, he is endlessly politicking, like some latter day Machiavelli, against the policy of his own Government; it was the Government that relaxed the planning laws was it not?

I shall rest more easily in my bed knowing our unique environment will not be concreted over by the date of the next election, thanks to his efforts, not forgetting those of Mr Hind, too.

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Mr Evans will no doubt rest equally easily in the knowledge that he – or should he be deselected for his brave efforts and replaced – will, I suspect, be duly elected by the good citizens of the Ribble Valley provided he sports a blue rosette.

As for the Conservative councillors, they at least may find the voters less forgiving.


Bradyll Court,

Brockhall Village