LETTER: Tragedy that Barrowford shop had to close

I AM replying to the letter in last week’s paper about “Tea Time”, the former tea shop in Barrowford.

A friend and I had our lunch there a few weeks ago, and it was a delightful experience.

It must be a daunting task starting a new business at any time, but anyone doing such a thing in these difficult financial times is to be applauded.

Instead, they are met with officious fools only too ready to take the planning laws to the nth degree.

This young lady must have spent a good deal of money on her shop, and very attractive it was, only to see all her efforts wasted.

Then we have the saga of the proposed fish and chip shop in Railway Street, Nelson. Don’t anyone quote me chapter and verse of the planning laws, it’s irrelevant.

Suffice to say the two ladies in question have just given up and gone home.

We might be able to accept all this unfairness, if we weren’t well aware that sooner or later another takeaway will open, when we are already swamped with them.

It stinks!


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