LETTER: Traffic jams as you approach Royal Blackburn Hospital

MY wife and I had to visit Royal Blackburn Hospital on Tuesday, February 21st. The appointment time was 3-20 p.m.

We left home in Darwen at 2-20 p.m. allowing time to travel two and a half miles and find a parking spot plus the long trek to the department we required.

As we approached the hospital roundabout (Haslingden Road) we were faced with stationary traffic as far as the eye could see in both directions. This led to the hospital car parks which we discovered later were both full of cars. There were two staff operating the two entrance barriers. This caused a knock-on effect which virtually closed Haslingden Road.

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I was 10 minutes late for my hospital appointment. I apologised to the nurse for being late but she said there was a 20 minute wait anyway. After a few minutes the notice board was altered to 55 minutes. We left the consulting room at 4-40 p.m. to find our car. We were then faced with the same scenario of cars leaving the hospital grounds. We eventually got home at 5-50 p.m. (a shattered nervous wreck).

There must be a solution to the problem such as more car parks or at least an extra lane just for ambulances. Or reopen Burnley General Hospital’s A and E.