LETTER: Time to end all the ‘non-jobs’ in our councils

WE are being told we face the biggest cut backs to everyday services since 1945.

Town halls will be given as much as 17% less funding from central Government, resulting in less frequent bin collections and less street maintenance, such as motorised street sweepers, gully emptying, the street sweeper cum litter collector, and street lighting.

Great news for the car vandals, muggers, burglars and drug dealers. They will welcome this news, don’t you think? There will be parking charges and business rate rises and it looks like council tax will rise.

Once again we will end up paying more and getting less; a little bit like going into the greengrocers for 3lb of potatoes and paying for 5lb, if you get my drift.

Gas and electricity prices have risen, making the foreign fat cats even more obese.


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Now where the cutbacks really ought to start is in the town halls where all the non-jobs exist and are advertised in the Guardian every day of every week.

Here are just a few examples: Future Shape Co-ordinator (£70,189 per year), Climate Change Officer (£26,276), Well Being Officer (£34,500), Communications Waste Strategy Officer (£35,055), A Weekend Explainer (£8.81 per hour), Access To Nature Officer (£19,126), Community Wellbeing Co-ordinator (£38,711), Carbon Partnership Officer (£18,391), A Walking Co-ordinator (£31,935), Trampoline Coach (£15,917),.

No, I couldn’t believe it either. Before any public services are cut, I would suggest all the people in our town halls performing these non-jobs are made redundant and placed in productive employment and the money saved put into financing sensible public services.

I just hope I am fortunate enough to never in my life have the misfortune of bumping into the person who thinks up the gobbledegook that goes with each non-job advertised, as he ought to be incarcerated in a home for the bewildered.


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To finish, please will our MPs and the unelected European bureaucrats once and for all stop fiddling money from the tax-paying public on second and third houses. We know you are doing it and we are sick of it.


Ethel Street,