LETTER: Time to look at what bankers actually do

so now the Government is going to agonise over the EU’s attempt to rein in the bankers.

Saturday, 16th March 2013, 3:07 pm

As much as I reluctantly have to agree the plan has some loopholes, which will no doubt be exploited to the full by the deep (and greedy) thinkers affected by it, I would hope it may finally cause someone to look more radically at what these “indispensible” people actually do.

Well, it is more a case of what they do not do, actually. It is a myth that they are in any real or long-lasting way creators of wealth. They are creators of froth.

Sometimes there is a lot of froth and at other times there is a shortage. The Government cannot tell us enough about the unproductive poor, while all the while ignoring the unproductive rich – a bunch of guys running round in an office packed to the gunnels with computer screens, shouting themselves hoarse on their way to early graves is not actually producing anything practiocal at all.

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On the other hand, our farmers – who must be the recipients of the saddest remuneration in the land – do produce real goods, which equals real wealth.

There are, of course, many other examples of a similar nature – engineering, construction, etc. which are all connected with getting hands dirty.

The need for a realistic approach for encouraging what creates real wealth has rarely been more dire. All our political parties can think of is to cling to the baby’s dummy that is the City and keep trying to pump up its threadbare tyres.

Of course, the fact that they (the politicians) are all funded by the very people who run such immoral and failed enterprises will have no bearing on the matter at all.


Halifax Road, Briercliffe