LETTER: Time for Government to bring back capital punishment

once again in the past few weeks, we have seen a large number of murders and violence against people walking the streets which have been horrific to say the least.

There is no let-up in this behaviour and there will not be until this government brings back capital punishment and fitting sentences to suit the crime committed.

It is no use the government saying it will get tough on crime by trying other methods which are just gimmicks or trying to get its so-called “Big Society” to get their dirty washing done and wash their own hands of everything.

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We also have a band of do-gooders who would see their own throats cut and still do nothing positive, and last but not least a court system which is nothing more than a laughing stock with judges letting criminals off the hook, even when some people have been before a court 80 times or more.


Livingstone Street, Brierfield