LETTER: ‘The Producers’ was sensational from start to finish

My family and I went to visit “The Producers”, written by Mel Brooks and staged by the Pendle Hippodrome Company. It was absolutely sensational from start to finish.

I’ve always had a love affair with the local theatre and always remember the first applause when the curtain went up just for the set. I found myself clapping alone (maybe this tradition has slightly faded) - it was stunning. I was told after the show the stage management had used every theatrical device available and all the staging capacity was at its very limit with some staging having to be left in the haulage van.

The individual performances as well as the ensemble and dancers were some of the best I have ever seen on the local stage. There were voices in there gifted from the gods. The choreography was of a very high standard and they cleverly used all of the staging. A 17-piece orchestra played brilliantly throughout with Barry Jackson holding the baton.

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At the first rehearsal, I was told there were over 100 people which were eventually trimmed down to a cast of 40 and Steve Royle, who directed the production, skilfully crafted these players into a first-class company.

We are very fortunate to have such talent here in Pendle and historically, we have always produced serious talent in all of our local theatres and long may it continue.


Bedford Street