LETTER: The far tribal leftie world where logic and common sense are strangers

I CONFESS to having a little difficulty in working out exactly what Gerry McCabe (Letters, January 27th) was having a go at me about, and his comments on Dr Adrian Rogers were, to say the least, hostile.

Dr Rogers’s quotation was about the most accurate statement I have seen for a long time describing where we are as a country now and how people feel.

Then Eureka, it clicked. Gerry is from the far tribal leftie world, where logic and common sense are strangers. And you have to read between the lines. I think he is having a go at the Government’s plan to cap the welfare benefits at £26,000.

Most of those who live in the mysterious world of the Labour left wing are against this. One has to assume they support the asylum seeker getting £100,000 a year rent paid on a mansion, or the bone idle team with 10 kids drawing £96,000 and having their breakfast delivered by social services. I assume they are too idle to make some toast and put out the Weetabix to feed the kids.

All this the left splutter about, but always support. Here, where we live, lots of us don’t even earn £26,000 but we feed our families, keep going and pay our taxes but I suggest not to pay for the wastrels. Enough is enough, Gerry - and around 80% of the country, including many socialists, supports this government clamp down.


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I don’t count those who have worked and sadly lost their jobs. I have been there and done that. Funnily enough, that time was also just having got rid of a disastrous Labour Government that left us skint.

Now we zoom off to the 1930s where President Roosevelt is about to start pouring out lots of federal money - a clear hint, folks, that our Gerry is one of the Labour denial team on the economy and stamps his extreme left wing views on us. Of course what he wants is the Government to borrow more money and employ more civil servants, when we are desperately trying to get rid of about a million we don’t need.

We are £1 trillion in debt, £40,000 per person before we start on our own debts, and his team wants you to go deeper in the red and make lots of non jobs, and they wonder why I think they’re a bunch of nutters.

He does suggest I change my reading. Maybe a chapter of Karl Marx, Gerry? Oh no, it was Charles Dickens. Now I seem to remember from school days a long time ago a Dickens character called Mr Macawber. I think he said a man who earns 20 shillings and only spends 19 shillings and sixpence will live happily, but a man who earns 20 shillings and spends 20 shillings and sixpence will live in the misery of debt. Maybe it’s you who needs to change your reading, Gerry.


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Then comes the Christian bit. All I will say on that, Gerry, is there is nothing Christian in my view about putting people in debt. It breeds misery on an awful scale.

And there is nothing Christian in my view about letting certain individuals give up all their responsibilities, especially to their children, and decide to live off the efforts of others as a way of life.

And it’s not Christian in my view for so-called Christians to support such people when they should be supporting those bearing the burden of supporting the purposely idle who have no intention of working even if work was offered.

I am supported by no less than a former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Lord Carey, who said: “The scale of public debt is the greatest moral scandal facing Britain today. If we cannot get the deficit under control, we will be mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren.” Well said, my Lord, I agree.


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And a final one, Gerry. When a Government takes from Peter (the taxpayer) to give to Paul (the claimant), the Government will always have a supporter in Paul. Left wing doctrine, I guess.


Kibble Grove, Brierfield