LETTER: Thanks to my car break-down Good Samaritan

On Monday, May 21st, I was unfortunate to have my car break down after visiting Clitheroe.

When I phoned the recovery service I was told it could be a two-hour wait.

I was on the very busy and narrow ‘A’ road that bypasses Whalley village. I decided I could not leave the car as there was nowhere to go.

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After about 15 minutes, as I sat waiting, a car drew up behind me.

The driver got out and came to ask if I was all right and could he help?

I said I was fine and that I was waiting for the recovery service as I thought it was my clutch that had given up.

It was 12-30 pm, lunchtime, but I was all right. I had phoned a good friend who was on her way to be with me as I waited.

He just told me to take care and drove away.

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My friend arrived and we chatted and she cheered me up, when the same man arrived again.

He came over to my car and handed me a bottle of water and a cheese barmcake, saying: “I could not leave you sitting there for all that time with nothing!”

He then drove off, after telling me he lived in Clitheroe.

May I say a big thank you to the “Knight in shining armour” who was so kind.

I did thank my friend too for coming to keep me company. The time passed so quickly and I am now back on the road again.

Name and address supplied

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