LETTER: Thanks to medical staff in emergency

My family and I would like to express my sincere thanks to the staff of Kiddrow Lane Health Centre and those who helped and assisted my elderly father when he slipped and fell, breaking a bone in his pelvis on Friday, January 18th, at 9-40am.

Everyone involved were so self-less: staff and others giving coats and blankets, unconditional use of mobile phones, and shielding the entrance to the car park to keep him from danger for the whole 30 minutes he lay on the cold and damp car park.

The doctor and podiatrist attending were concerned, as were the assisting paramedics – holding a hand, giving encouragement etc., and providing me with coat and gloves too! The paramedics deserve a medal for their non-stop work in crisis situations – up and down the motorway they go with their reassuring expertise.

Staff at the Royal Blackburn Hospital are also so supportive and give dignity to their patients in crisis.

I’m very thankful.




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