LETTER: Tattoo stall at Colne R&B was wrong

I AM writing to complain about a tattoo stall that was present at the Colne R&B Festival. Firstly, I think whoever authorised this stall to be present needs their head examining! I have no problem with people getting tattoos but I don’t believe it is appropriate to have a tattoo stall at an alcohol-fuelled event.

Secondly, the stall was situated in front of the newly-developed houses in Back Brown Street which is opposite Fantasy Tattoos. I don’t think it was fair to allow this stall to be positioned so near the existing business. I know there were many competing food outlets in the town but this is because the existing businesses would be swamped with the increased footfall over the festival weekend; I am sure the same cannot be said for the local tattoo industry. As I said, I have nothing against tattoos but it is important people are safe, are in a decent state to make the (very permanent) decision and ID is checked. I sincerely hope the organisers of this event do not allow this stall to be present at future Colne R&B Festivals.


Fern Street, Colne