LETTER: ‘Taking our ball home’ over Europe can’t be done

I WAS interested to see local Tories, including our MP Andrew Stephenson, giving their enthusiastic support to David Cameron following his use of the European veto last week.

Thursday, 29th December 2011, 11:30 am

I share the concerns of many about the European Union – it’s expensive and bureaucratic. That said, conservative estimates suggest 47% of UK trade is with fellow EU countries – so to simply “take our ball home” is not an acceptable negotiating position.

And while local Tories crow about Mr Cameron’s bulldog spirit, they overlook the fact he has a strangely narrow view of the “national interest”. By opposing a transaction tax, he has sided with the City of London’s “casino bankers” – the people directly responsible for the economic chaos of recent years.

Specifically, Pendle will be severely hit. We have a higher proportion of people employed in manufacturing businesses than just about anywhere else in the UK – 26.9% This sector relies upon co-operation with our European colleagues. Instead of supporting Pendle’s manufacturers – the producers that form the foundation of the economy - the Tories have sold us out to defend the interests of financial engineers and tax-evaders.

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While the local Tories are cracking out the champagne, the coalition is bringing about economic stagnation which I fear could hit Pendle disproportionately.


Labour candidate, Horsfield Ward, Colne