LETTER: Support our farmers and buy local

IT has been suggested supermarkets should sell our own British meat in view of the recent horse meat scandal.

Yes, they should, but surely it would be better to support your local butcher and the farmers’ markets. The farmers get a raw deal from supermarkets. They pay them as little as possible for their produce and import stuff from abroad, which leads to the aforementioned scandal. They go on about their goods being Fair Trade: how about a bit of fair trade for our farmers?

The farmers’ markets and shops sell meat, cheese, veg and other quality goods. It may cost a little more but you will be supporting local farmers and local economy. They have had it rough the past few years but if they are not supported they will disappear. The supermarkets will have the monopoly and prices will shoot up because they will have to import and pass the cost onto you, the shopper.