LETTER: Streets should be jetwashed at night

in reply to David Walker from Pendle Council (Letters, November 18th).

Friday, 2nd December 2011, 2:37 pm

He refers to my experience as an alleged incident. I can assure him it was not a figment of my imagination,

The facts are that on leaving a shop in Scotland Road, I was covered in a foul-smelling spray thrown up by yellow-clad people operating jet washers. On reflection, it would have been wiser of me to have pursued a complaint on the day in question.

However the point of my letter, which I failed to stress, was to question the inappropriate time of day jet washing took place. In our larger towns and cities, they employ teams working through the night providing clean streets for the day’s shoppers.

If Pendle Council cannot provide a nightshift service, I could suggest the following solution. Arrange for a half-dozen prolific local burglars to take on the task. They would be suitably accustomed to working through the night. They could wear their “hoodies” for protection and judging by the work done down Scotland Road, they would probably do a better job.


Alan Haigh Court, Colne