LETTER: Stop traffic through Colne town centre

Having lived in the Colne area for a good few years and also had our family business in Cottontree, I have had time to observe the traffic flow through the centre of Colne, which has gradually slowed down and many times is stopped altogether for long periods.

Surely the answer to the problems to make Colne town centre a no-go area for through traffic and allow only service vehicles and shopping traffic to enter.

This could be achieved by diverting all through traffic via Colne Lane then on by the police station, making the traffic flow both ways, instead of just one way at the moment on this wide road.

At the Tower buildings at the top of Skipton road, I would remove the traffic lights and install a mini-roundabout, this would allow traffic to flow more freely, instead of the stop go, stop go situation we have now.

Shopping traffic and service vehicles would then be able to enter Colne centre from this roundabout, which would possibly increase the amount shopping in Colne town centre, but not pass directly through.

With less slow moving traffic going through the centre of Colne, this would reduce pollution caused by large vehicles and make shopping in Colne much more pleasurable and less stressful.

This new traffic flow system could be achieved without major disruption and at a very minimal cost, surely it is worth considering; let’s have your comments on this proposal.