LETTER: Spend cash on snow plough for Barnoldswick, not gardens

Perhaps you or one of your readers, or even a member of Barnoldswick Town Council, could explain to me and the other council tax payers of this town, why they seem hell bent on frittering away £40,000 on renovating the Memorial Gardens in Kelbrook Road.

They have never been a success since they were built and I can’t see what difference Coun. Whipp’s idea of throwing £40,000 at them will do but, if this amount of money has got to be spent and is burning a hole in his pocket, could I suggest Coun. Whipp and his cronies do something with it that will benefit the whole town by spending the money buying a small machine that can be used as a snow plough to clear snow from streets in the town and any other well-used path, and is capable of carrying rock salt so shoppers can walk around in reasonable safety.

I have seen such machines as these in Germany and Austria doing this work and they are based on the Japanese built Honda “MULE”, so they are out there and would serve the town usefully for many years. You could even name the machine “Jubilee” Mr Whipp, seeing how you are always harping on about doing something for the Queen’s Jubilee year, killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Peter Gardiner, Ethel Street, Barnoldswick

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