LETTER: So sad that cemetery flowers removed

FOR the past 15 years, after my mother passed away, my family visited frequently to Wheatley Lane Inghamite Church to take flowers.

But there were a couple of paving stones in front of the wall which were missing, overgrown and in a mess. We tidied up the weeding and planted bulbs and rose trees. It was beautiful and when my husband passed away we thought it might be a nice place to scatter his ashes.

I mentioned this to the minister, who had no objection, and even said a few words on the day.

Eight weeks ago I was heartbroken to find plants had been dug up and my husband’s flower vase removed. I rang the minister about this, believing if it had been blessed no one would touch it. I am aware this does not belong to me, and it was the church’s volunteers tidying up the churchyard. But what they have done is make me feel I have lost my husband all over again, a father and grandfather gone.

I wrote to the minister explaining how I feel. I have had no reply to my letter.