LETTER: Snares found in nature reserve

We would urge people walking their dogs in Greenfield Local Nature Reserve, the Millenium Woodland of the LNR and also in the vicinity of both sides of the canal nearby, to be very vigilant. Members of our group have found a gin trap, wire snares and a mysterious wire stretched between a number of trees.

We have concluded that not only are rabbits being hunted, but deer also.

The offending devices have been handed to the police who have passed on details to their Wildlife Officer.

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While on the subject of Greenfield Local Nature Reserve, which is owned by Pendle Borough Council, we would like to point out that the reserve is designated and protected by byelaws. A number of people may not be aware of this fact.

It means nothing may be taken out of the reserve, e.g. wood; nothing foreign may be introduced to the reserve, e.g. fly-tipping. There must be no hunting, snaring or shooting of any wildlife. No fires may be lit, alcohol must not be consumed, and cycling through the reserve is not permitted. People should also clean up after their dogs. It is a fineable offence if not complied with.

A small band of dedicated volunteers try their best to look after the LNR and put on activities from time to time. We are nearing the end of a project to help some unemployed people gain environmental management skills. It is very disheartening when our efforts are trashed by vandalism and abuse, which some of our volunteers were subjected to recently. Sometimes we wonder if people really appreciate the beauty and wildlife they have such free access to in the borough. It would seem that some do not. Sadly, the people who should be reading this won’t, and we shall once again be preaching to the converted. Follow us on Facebook; Friends of Greenfield Local Nature Reserve Colne, Lancashire.

Annette Hawkins

Secretary of the reserve

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