LETTER: Skate park would ruin our park

YOUR editions of March 22nd contained three articles which I feel merit some comment.

The outdoor skate park at Ball Grove, Colne (Colne Times, page 1). Can you have an outdoor skate park without noise or anti-social behaviour? I very much doubt it. This would ruin Ball Grove.

The formal panel to offer restorative justice (Colne Times, page 3). Very well meaning, but I would offer that most victims of crime would prefer to see the wrongdoers’ sentences doubled rather than talk to them.

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The retirement of Brian Cookson (pages 11 and 35). If Nelson’s centre has been transformed for the better under his spell, it must have been in a hell of a state in 2004.

Yes, Shackleton Hall has been improved, but will the businesses still be there in two years or so when the start-up grant money is gone?

Hopefully, his retirement will mean that we Colne residents will not have to put up with his pet cycle race this year!


Walton Street, Colne

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