LETTER: Sharia Law has nothing to do with the Qur’an

“The Qur’an is an evil book” said a spokesman for the English Defence League (EDL).

And, apparently, from the “4Thought” TV lot after the 7 pm news, the erudite Professor Dr Richard Dawkins has endorsed this verict.

Have they ever read the Qur’an? There is a paperback English translation.

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The punishment for adultery – mentioned only once – is 100 lashes.

The Biblical reference is “stoning” (to death of course). And not only for adultery. Even for collecting wood on a Sabbath: stoning to death.

That would have seen me, and I’ve no doubt a few of my friends, mashed to a pulp.

Yes, the Qur’an recommends the beating of disobedient wives, unless they repent and acknowledge they were disobedient – then they must be forgiven. For Allah is forgiving and merciful.

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And do we conveniently forget the caning of wives in Victorian times was an accepted practice?

The only legal constraint was the length and diameter of the cane.

And don’t we remember that Victorian husbands owned their wives completely.

Even if the women, the wives, were talented and wrote a book, or several books, any accruing royalties were assumed to be the right of the husband. “Sharia Law”?

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Sharia Law has nothing to do with the Qur’an. It is essentially another ruse by the male species to maintain his domination over the poor subservient woman.

Give the “Sharia-ists” another 100 years and womanhood and the feminists will hopefully have prevailed.

Robin Parker,

St Chad’s Avenue, Chatburn

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