LETTER: Say ‘no’ to the nanny state

I WRITE in protest at the way this country is being run by our successive governments which is creating an environment where the populace is not expected to think, but to obey guidelines and regulation on every aspect of our life.

Saturday, 13th April 2013, 8:28 pm

Common sense and initiative are suppressed and risk is not to be tolerated at any cost. There is risk to everything we do and its presence keeps us alert and saves us from being too complacent about our environment.

Regulation is not the answer and it is dishonest of the state to remove this risk from us. I have skied on black runs, ridden motorcycles on roads and trails and I cycle regularly on our busy, potholed roads and accept the risks it brings. We do not want, nor need technocrats and servants of the nanny state telling us how to run our lives and organise things.

I am sure that after years of experience and coping with risk we are better placed than those above at making our own decisions. It is time this situation came to an end and the authorities wake up to the fact that we do not want our brains removing yet and a flexible attitude to our safety is more acceptable to all. The compensation culture, encouraged by government regulation, needs squashing pretty quickly and people will then once again take responsibility for their own actions. The so-called Ribble Valley Safety Advisory Group, which still includes people who do not live in the Ribble Valley and have no real interest in our wellbeing, is already part of the problem and change may as well start here, otherwise I do not hold much hope for the country or the future of our beloved Ribble Valley.

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