LETTER: Safety group has caused bonfire fiasco

The major issue regarding the Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) is the fact it has no remit, reports to no-one, and is responsible for nothing.

Yet given its make up of Police, Ambulance, Fire, and Ribble Valley Borough Council (RVBC) representatives it carries massive weight.

Coun. Ranson says it acts to support and advise – yet the report from ESAG on the bonfire does neither of these – it is purely critical, and retrospectively so. It cites two major problems; first the Tarmacing over of a fire hydrant – surely the responsibility of the council/fire brigade (they are supposedly checked by them). Secondly, that three cars became “stranded” on the level crossing – how is this the responsibility of anyone other than the drivers concerned? Only a complete idiot tries to cross when their exit is blocked.

RVBC seeks to distance itself from the fiasco caused by ESAG, over which it has no control or understanding. Coun. Hind is right to question its existence and purpose.



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Holme Hill