LETTER: Return to cobbled streets to save cash

Every side street in Brierfield is in a disgraceful condition with deep potholes all around.

In many of the holes, cobbles can be seen which seem to indicate tarmacadam does not adhere to cobbles and that is one of the reasons for the roads being in such poor condition.

Might it not be a good idea instead of filling these holes in, the tarmacadam is removed completely and the roads revert to the old style cobbled streets?

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Cobbles are our inheritance and don’t look out of place in Lancashire, and as I recall they are very low maintenance. I remember when, on the odd occasion any work was required, it was done by one man with a barrow.

Another bonus is that cobbled streets tend to slow traffic down and that would be a help to the new speed restrictions being introduced to side streets.

In times of austerity that we are now going through, this might be a good way of saving some much-needed cash.


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