LETTER: Put British people first so we don’t need budget cuts

The cuts to public service budgets this Conservative-led Coalition Government are implementing are scandalous.

Tuesday, 20th November 2012, 8:59 am

While they are about to introduce Police and Crime Commissioners they are about to reduce next year’s police budget, which will result in the loss of police officers on the beat. A rise in crime springs to mind.

While they are making these savage cuts, which will impact on all of us, they are quite happy to hand out £53m. a day to the corrupt EU, whose auditors have refused to sign off its books for the 18th consecutive year.

They are also happy to increase overseas aid by a massive 37% to countries, some of which have space programmes.

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The Government should be putting the interest of the British people first, which they are clearly not. If they did not squander our money in this way, they would not need to make any budget cuts. They are treating us with contempt.