LETTER: Private homes registered as places of worship - we want numbers

if Mr Philip Mousdale really does want to dispel the rumours regarding private dwellings being registered as places of worship, perhaps he could supply us with the information that has been requested in the past by various concerned (council tax paying) members of the public but which Pendle Council seems loath to provide.

The only way to prove this concept is apocryphal is to provide the relative figures and then we would all know whether it is true or merely conjecture.

How Mr Mousdale can assure us that such rumours have no substance when, in response to my letter on the subject dated February 4th, 2011, a council spokesman went to some lengths to explain why Pendle Council could not supply a figure regarding the number of buildings thus registered appears somewhat contradictory.

A little more transparency would be welcome, especially in this age of freedom of information, and as long as the relevant information is withheld, I am left wondering if Mr Mousdale is the one whose motives should, perhaps, be questioned.


Wheatley Lane Road,