LETTER: Police use resources wisely

IN response to a letter from Andrew Hennessey about the closure of the police stations, I would like to make a few points.

First, does this chap have any knowledge of how the police actually work? He talks about loads of cars turning up to a job with only one person in, so why don’t they all get in a van and arrive at once?

Well, I would have thought that was quite simple, they are deployed in the best way possible mainly having to work alone because of the lack of resources. This then means if a job requires more than one patrol, they send whoever is available at the time.

They can be at different ends of the town which means more effective policing as they are covering a larger area.

If they are “all in one van” this means three or four police officers have to go to the same place all at the same time. Makes sense? I think not.


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Also, he makes a comment about police using “top of the range BMWs”.

Criminals do actually use high performance vehicles and the BMW vehicles referred to are not actually standard police cars, they are traffic cars driven by Police Advanced Drivers. This means when they need to get to a serious road traffic collision, or whatever else they are asked to attend, they can get there quickly.

An old Anglia or a moped? Get real, this is 2011 and it is not a soap unlike “Heartbeat”. You don’t want to criticise the police? Then get your facts right before you start making these ridiculous suggestions. Lastly, let’s remember Labour got us into this mess we are in now and that is why the Conservatives are being left to clean up the mess.

The closure of these police stations will not mean a rise in crime, if you knew what you were talking about you would know they are only going to close the desk, not the station.


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