LETTER: Police cuts are infringement of our rights

IF I may comment again on the cuts to our policing this Government is imposing on us and say that, in my opinion, they are an infringement of our civil and human rights.

You see we do have the right to be protected especially when we are paying towards this service, the public are now seeing less police on the streets and response times are now getting even longer.

I would like to ask why we are not getting the full service we are paying for, but are still being charged for. And, why this Government says it wants to save jobs and keep people in work.

Well, what about the police they are putting out of work and their rights to feed their families.

Most of all, what gives this Government the right to send our money abroad to help with schools and things when they are cutting so severely at home.


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I think the British public should now give a vote of no confidents in this Government.