LETTER: Pay cuts rather than turn off M65 lights

I RECENTLY read that in an attempt to save money the lights on the M65 would be switched off at night between Burnley and Colne. This is a silly idea as the first accident, regardless of how severe, will nullify the meagre savings.

A far safer and more effective way to save money would be to give Mike Kirby and the rest of those employed by the Transport and Strategic Highways a substantial pay cut. In fact any Lancashire County Council employee who receives more than the average wage (about £25,000) should face at the very least a 20% pay cut in line with the massive cuts in pay the private sector has suffered recently.

There is no valid argument that the public sector should be exempt from cuts; after all it is funded by the private sector. With substantial pay cuts to non essential staff there would be less job losses too, especially at the lower end of the pay grades, which it would appear the upper echelons have earmarked to take the brunt of these long overdue cuts.