LETTER: Parking? Better bring your tape measure!

How can we say we are trying to encourage shoppers to come to Nelson?
Tape MeasureTape Measure
Tape Measure

We have a large car park in the centre of Nelson. The sign says have you displayed your disc?

The car park has usually 10 to 15 cars when it is busy.

I was speaking to a man who had parked his car between the white lines, not only putting his disc in full view but also his disabled badge.

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He returned to his Mini only to find a parking fine on his windscreen. What had he done wrong?

The fine said parking too far forward! So can I now ask the council if we now need either boxes painting in the car park or signs up telling us precise measurements of where and how to park.

I now know why cars are parking in all the side streets nearby.

Drivers beware! Not only you need your disc but a tape measure as well!

Let us hope the council can help !

Kay Blackburn

(via email)

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