LETTER: No lessons learnt over MPs’ abuse of system

EVERY time the NHS, police, local and county authorities, government organisations, utility companies and Parliamentarians are found to be not fit for purpose, po-faced spokespersons are wheeled to tell us that lessons have been learned and robust new systems and protocols have been put in place to ensure such a thing will not happen again.

Sadly, only a few days later you read of yet another case of elderly patients dying of neglect, child abuse, confidential information being made public, and health and safety rules being ignored.

Do those at the top of these organisations never read the newspapers and say, just a minute; if this sort of thing has happened in X hospital, or Y local authority, I had better make sure it is not happening on my watch?

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The recent line-their-pockets scam by those MPs who rent out their taxpayer-funded property to other MPs who then, would you believe, claim the rent back from the taxpayer is a classic example. It is more than obvious lessons have definitely not been learned, and also, the robust systems and protocols that were put in place to stop MPs abusing the expenses system are not worth the paper they were written on.



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