LETTER: No help at recycling centre

I AM wondering if I am the only person to endure the same experience I had recently

As it was a nice weekend, perfect for garden work, I took the opportunity to get rid of my waste soil (over a tonne). This meant me making 10 or more trips to the local refuse centre.

Each visit had 10 heavy plastic tubs. On Saturday on no occasion was I approached with an offer of help. On my first visit on Sunday one nice young female asked me if I needed help, but no one else for the rest of the day.

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The annoying thing is that of all my visits no male member of staff assisted as they stood around in the sun doing very little.

My thanks go to the young female for asking, however, I couldn’t bring it upon myself to let her help me with the heavy tubs while others stood around.

It doesn’t take much to see I was struggling with heavy tubs.