LETTER: No by-election saves money

I FEEL obliged to express concern at the headline to the newspaper’s story about the vacancy for a councillor on Nelson Town Council (October 14th). To suggest no one wants to represent Walverden Ward is somewhat inaccurate and misleading.

The present make-up of the town council is 17 Labour, three Liberal Democrat, two Conservative and one British National Party. The 24th seat, which is vacant, was held by a Labour councillor. The council, therefore, faced a by-election just three months after the May elections, an election, I understand, would have cost Pendle’s council tax payers a minimum of £5,000.

It is obvious that whichever party won such an election, it would make no difference to the control of the council. In the circumstances, I understand there was a cross-party agreement that none of the political parties would call for a by-election. This action has saved the people of Pendle a fairly substantial sum of money at a time when the borough council is under tremendous pressure to reduce expenditure.

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The fact two nominations for co-option have already been received and I am aware of another which hasn’t yet reached me, belies the premise that no one wants Walverden. Nominations for co-option can be submitted to me by 9 a.m. on Thursday, October 27th.


Town Clerk, Nelson Town Council