LETTER: National Trust right to fight forests sell-off

Save our forests!

I WELCOME the National Trust’s intervention against the Conservative-led Coalition Government’s proposals to sell off our forests to the highest bidder.

The National Trust has published an article in its spring magazine concerning the Liberal-Conservative Coalition Government of 1921 who, faced with budget cuts, proposed to sell off Runnymede to the highest bidder.

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Even in the difficult times of the 1920s, the proposal to sell off the crucible of our constitutional democracy sparked such public outrage that the coalition government was driven to abandon their proposal.

While I would not argue that the forests have the same constitutional importance as Runnymede, they are nonetheless a major part of our national heritage.

No doubt our local coalition MPs Stephenson and Birtwistle will be prepared to nod this legislation through (as they do with everything else). G.J. BOARDMAN

Chatsworth Close,