LETTER: My Morrison’s parking nightmare

On Friday morning, I did what I have been doing for years on a Thursday or Friday morning; I parked on Morrison’s car park, went to the bank and building society then returned to my car to get my bags to do my shopping in Morrison’s. (Total time taken, about 30 minutes). There was a penalty charge notice attached to my windscreen which had been put there 11 minutes after I parked.

I went into Morrison’s to see the Store Manager about it, pointing out I had been nowhere near the two hours allowed. He was no help and said I should have done my shopping first, but nowhere on the notices around the car park does it say you cannot step off the car park before you shop.

I could understand it if I had been parked for over two hours and left without using Morrison’s, but I do not feel I did anything wrong! If I did, then lots of other people must be doing the same thing every day!

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What about motorists who use the Yarnspinners? Do they realise they are breaking Euro Parks “laws”? I have looked around the car park and cannot find any notices saying that end of the car park is available for users of the Health Centre.

I have taken legal advice about this penalty charge notice and have been told not to pay it. It is an invoice not fine and is unenforceable.

Apparently, most people pay up and threatening letters will be received, but at the end of the day, they have no powers.

Nelson traders can do without this harassment of customers. Perhaps the store manager at Morrison’s should remember that we are lucky in this area to have a good choice of supermarkets and I for one, will be taking my custom elsewhere!


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