LETTER: My anti-social bahaviour nightmare in Nelson

I moved to Nelson only a few months ago from an area where anti-social behaviour is at a maximum, in the hope of finding a quiet area to raise my son, and care for my physically and mentally disabled fiancee. All I find are out-of-control teenagers and parents who care little or none at all to their so-called children’s activities.

Imagine my surprise to find out the parents of these yobs were drug users and alcoholics! Well, not really a surprise, more of a “Here we go again, another pathetic town full of parents who had kids to boost their benefits, now can’t be bothered with the upbringing”.

My fiancee has suffered intimidation, defamation of character (partly from, astoundingly, the local neighbourhood watch representative!) and verbal threats on her well-being.

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One recent incident has caused so much stress she is currently bed-ridden. Of course, there will be people reading this laughing at the fact someone disabled is being abused, giving “high-fives” to their other yob friends for doing such a job.

Both myself and my son have been assaulted by these yobs - a couple in the group are known BUBBLE users and one deals on the street.

Amazingly, they are all known to the police but nothing has ever been done to rid the neighbourhood of these fools.

What is even more amazing, the representative for neighbourhood watch lives only a few doors away from some of the trouble-makers. When approached recently by a neighbour, this individual just shrugged it off.

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Police should vet people wishing to represent neighbourhoods to ensure they are upstanding members of community who have lived here all their lives, not someone who had only recently moved into the area. The so-called “On-The-Books” springs to mind when this individual refuses to act against such anti-social behavior.

We have all had eggs thrown at us, balls kicked against our properties, verbal abuse and physical threats.

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Instead of taking sides, communities should stick together to live in peace for their own sakes, as well as their children. I’m sorry, but Nelson is just another town with a total disregard for respect to another human being.