LETTER: MP will always do what he is told by ‘lords and masters’

WITH reference to an article about Coun. Charlie Briggs – “Time to put aside party interests’’ – I feel I should be allowed to pass comment.

I am referring to the proposed boundary changes by this Government, bearing in mind it was first propounded by Nick Clegg when the Coalition was formed.

Actually, I thought about writing this letter earlier but until the article appeared in the Express I wasn’t sure if it was a joke. Apparently not. One has to marvel at the sheer brass neck of Coun. Briggs in this matter and what a dog’s dinner they are managing to portray to the public.

I should think all the parties would denigrate these proposals by the Government but hey don’t we have a Lib-Dem MP sitting in Parliament, an MP elected by the people of Burnley to fight to his last breath in their defence to get him to do his job and you might just get a bit of credence? But he won’t will he?

In the end he will always do what he is told by his lord and masters. Yes folks our beloved MP is down on record as being extremely loyal, in other words he very rarely rebels. So much for him fighting to his last breath but where was Coun. Briggs and the rest of the Lib-Dems when Labour wanted to put a concerted effort into fighting the A and E movement?

They didn’t want to know because Gordon Birtwistle had seen the vision of a massive vote winner and he had no intention of joining a campaign with anyone. So I can’t speak for anyone else but if it was me I’d tell him, yes, we will oppose but not join forces because there has to be more to this than meets the eye.