LETTER: MP has done nothing to fight for our future

IN the local press the plight of food banks in our town has been highlighted.

Young children are going to school hungry this year because of the policies instigated by the Government Mr Birtwistle represents. On the other hand, the new governor of the Bank of England will receive £480,000 a year plus £250,000 accommodation allowance. This must be because he can’t manage on £500,000 a year. Mr Birtwistle, our MP, does not put forward our views because if any MP disagrees and votes against his or her bosses they have the whip removed so they can’t vote and become even more ineffective than they already are. No jobs, no future, Mr Birtwistle but you still get your salary plus expenses, don’t you now.

You have done nothing to fight for our future Mr Birtwistle.