LETTER: More homes in Great Britain will lead to starvation

I FIND it hard to comprehend the blindness of our planning bureaucrats, locally and nationally, as they continue to advocate more and more houses built on green sites.

Yet in one short visit to Accrington recently, I counted 10 well-built houses boarded up and not for sale, besides many more that were for sale, this on one small estate. Not only greenfield land, but usually the best lowland.

Do they not know Britain is losing 41 hectares (101 acres) of land every day to urbanisation, or do they not care? That amounts to about 37,000 acres every year, but other nations are also losing even more; China is losing 2.7 million acres every year, but they are planning ahead by buying up land in Africa and South America.

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We are a huge importer of food already, but when our Western economy slumps as it is doing and the East prospers, as it is doing, how are we going to get enough food to feed our own people. I believe starvation will come to Britain.

In the last world war, we survived by introducing strict rationing, but that would not work today, because as we are seeing, people will take the law into their own hands and the most powerful and the most violent will get what they want and never mind the rest.

This is the result of banning discipline in home and schools and throwing God and the Bible out of our society. So I maintain that to continue to take good farm land for building houses in places like the Ribble Valley is plain stupidity.

Of course everyone wants to live here if they can, it is a beautiful place, but not for long.


Lowcocks Farm, West Bradford.