LETTER: Mobile CCTV van is in the wrong places

I HAVE noticed, over the past few weeks, what I can only assume is a new strategy by Lancashire Police for combating crime and anti-social behaviour in our community.

I refer, of course, to the mobile CCTV van. I take it to mean that by strategically placing a mobile CCTV van at known trouble spots we might hope to stem the tidal wave of criminality now engulfing our once fair town.

A van outside Marks and Spencer can only be described as inspirational.

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I myself have been accosted on more than one occasion by elderly ladies brandishing walking sticks.

Outside the Central Library meets with my full approval. It’s always a good idea for the authorities to keep an eye on a place that is deceptively quiet and where too much thinking goes on.

And then there is the bus station which, since the removal of the electronic time-table, has become nothing more than a haven for aimlessly-wandering people who whistle along with the piped music. Disgusting.

So keep up the good work constables of Lancashire. I myself will be sending the Chief Constable £1 for the upkeep and maintenance of our very own CCTV van.