LETTER: Mayor’s Bit of a Do was a great day out

It was a wild, wet, windy Thursday morning and we thought perhaps some would chicken out of the Mayor’s Bit of a Do.

Thursday, 22nd December 2011, 1:57 pm

Not so. The Muni was heaving and what a brilliant day out. It was the best £8 worth ever. How does the lady, Sheila, sort it all out so well?

First, we had the very fine talented Trawden Ladies’ Choir. It was such a magical musical start to our entertainment after we had all enjoyed the splendid lunch served so well by the caterers. The brother and sister singers belted out some great numbers which had my hands waving and feet tapping. Maybe the piece de resistance was the “Barnsley Lad” comic. He made my eyes so sore from the tears I shed laughing at his act.

Thank you again, Sheila, for such a fine job.


Dale Street, Earby